Manufacturer’s Description

Photoful! is software to combine pictures into one quickly and easily. The image can be saved into a file like a Jpeg file to upload onto a web page. In addition, you many add a text box before or after a picture. Properties like spacing between pictures, background color, margins outside of pictures, and a border around pictures can be changed. Photoful! needs Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 and will be installed during the installation process, if not already installed. Features: - Input file format: Jpeg, Png, Gif, Bmp, and Tiff - Output file format: Jpeg, Png, Gif, Bmp, and Tiff - Background color assignment - Spacing between pictures - Top and bottom margin, left and right margin of pictures combined - Automatic resizing of pictures scale a picture so that the length of a longer side does not exceed the length set by a user - Add a border around a picture - Add text box between pictures and set text properties like font and color - Add a title and a subtitle - Add Exif information to a Jpeg output file

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The Specs

Requirements Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows XP
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License Type Free
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