Manufacturer’s Description

The VPSS is a simple to use, yet powerful photo warping software that will let you modify photos to simulate virtual plastic surgery results on anyone's face and body. As a specific purpose software, we developed a custom and convenient interface more suited for virtual plastic surgery simulation than anything you will find on general purpose, thousand dollars traditional software suits. Our software is popular among plastic surgeons who want to discuss surgery outcome with their patients, plastic surgery candidates who want to "preview" the potential results of an aesthetic surgery , social network participants who want to improve their appearance, and people who want to have fun warping photos of faces, bodies, celebrities and pets in a caricaturist fashion.

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Kaeria SARL

The Specs

Requirements Windows Vista, Xp
Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows XP
Download Details
License Type Shareware
Trial Length 2 Days
File Size 1.782 MB
Total Downloads 83