Manufacturer’s Description

The fundamental purpose of the VetDiagnoster is to perform a detailed analysis of canine and feline blood results. The traditional functions of the VetDiagnoster are to: Accepts Laboratory data (analyzing up to 151 different tests) in addition to Clinical and Historical data (around 400 different entries possible). * Allows for rapid data entry and minimal error propagation. *Generates a quantifiable differential diagnosis based upon stastistical correlation of the unknown disease's profile with all the diseases in the database. *Generates sub-differential diagnoses based solely upon Laboratory, Clinical and Historical data input. *Generates a complete differential based upon all the data combined. *Allows categorical filtering (9 different filters) of results to aid in diagnostic acuity and following ones own instincts on a case. * Produces graphical output for rapid interpretation. A picture speaks a thousand words. * Stores each case in full detail in the database. It does not simply run single cases at a time, which would require you to repeatedly re-enter all data each time you wished to review a case. * Store any number of cases, limited only by your hard disk size. * Allow full editability of all cases so that the user can modify data as the case progresses. * Produce professional looking, surgery personalised reports. A document you can proudly discuss with clients or colleagues. * Support; faxable reporting, exporting to word processors, spreadsheets, other databases and even as HTML documents for web publication. * Provide a detailed Help File supporting Context Sensitive and Button Help.

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The Specs

Requirements 1Ghz CPU, 256 MB memory
Operating System Compatibility
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
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License Type Free
File Size 10.243 MB
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