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ODBCTEST is a small utility program that lets you sign on to existing ODBC data sources and issue SQL. It looks something like this: (image omitted) There are a few other functions. You can list the existing tables in the database systems and you can generate SELECT and CREATE statements. The utility has been designed to be simple to use (no need to read the user guide) and to have a small footprint (no special DLL's needed). The package also includes the freeware ODBCTESTX ActiveX component that allows you to issue SQL from your own programs. You can also use the ODBCTEST program to issue SQL statements from the command line and have results returned in a file. In that case, no windows are displayed. A command line example could be: ODBCT32.EXE =c:myfile.txt /m /n /sSORUCE1 select * from MY.TABLE

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