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The role of children is to grow; playing! Through entertainment, BlocksLab helps the child (alone, in the company of their parents or teachers) to develop their cognitive skills. BlocksLab is based on modern pedagogical principles, training and therapeutic; for this is adequate for the development of children without handicap, but its versatility also makes it an excellent teaching tool and therapeutic for children with disabilities, even serious. With BlocksLab a child aged 3-12 can act, design, build, create, paint, animate, learn using blocks and multicolor shapes. With these tools, performing on-screen actions, boys and girls can interact and accomplish successful building projects. BlocksLab is developed by educators and engineers, and it's based on theories from active and constructivist pedagogy: the process of learning is considered as important, in developing knowledge, as knowledge itself. A child can learn to actively program a computer. BlocksLab is a software for everyone, offering features and facilities that make interacting possible and easy even if motor skills are damaged. BlocksLab represents a new way to use computers at school and home to act, develop thinking abilities and the capability to elaborate hypotheses and test them by building objects and rules for their interaction. With BlocksLab you work by using many palettes: blocks gluing tools to assemble/disassemble groups of blocks background colors painting tools actions (dragging objects, make them talk, clone them...) controls (assign many different rules for movement and interaction to objects) Additional objects and tools come grouped in optional Kits (Castle, Letters and Numbers, BigBlocks, the Sea, the Farm, Symmetrics, and more). With the Letters and Numbers Kit, children can experience learning how to read and write with special blocks that can speak. The Castle Kit allows to create castles of many shapes and sizes. The Symmetrix Kit allows to espress important hypotheses on geometric shapes. All Kits are sold independently: the basic version of BlocksLab contains more than 90 blocks with different colors and shapes, and 40 different functionalities.

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