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Description D'Accord Guitar Method is a multimedia course specially developed for those that are learning to play the acoustic guitar. With this course, in a short time, you will play your first songs. Its practical approach, makes the learning process fun and easy. The content is presented with animations and exercices, so you can accompany the course playing your instrument naturally Take a look at the full content of D'Accord Guitar Method: Introduction: Getting to know the guitar - Learn the convention of your fingers used to play - Holding the Instrument - Rhythm, Melody & Harmony Start Practicing - Understanding Chords - Left Hand Position - Measures - First songs - Happy Birthday - Losing my Religion (REM) Beginning the theory - Tone Scales - Circle of Fifths - Harmonic Progression - Stroke - Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead) - Intervals - Building a chord Improving - Tips to improve your musical performance - Improving your Repertory - Improving the harmony - Music Styles - Samba and Bossa Nova

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