Current Version 3.2
Author SnapStream Media
Price $80.00
Downloads Count 20
License Type Shareware
Date Added Jun 14, 2010
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
File Size 30.898 MB

Transform any PC into a home entertainment and media center! Don't just record and rewind your favorite TV shows intelligently play them back on your TV, PC, Pocket PC, or your wireless home network. Record shows in MPEG-2 or Windows Media. You can even remotely control Personal Video Station 3 from an Internet browser, a WAP-enabled cell phone, or a web-enabled Pocket PC. All of this with no subscription fees and no high hardware costs. Free 2-week program guide for the U.S.  Competes with TiVo, ReplayTV and other PVRs & DVRs.
Time Shifting: Stop. Fast forward. Rewind. Pause... yes, you have full control of not only your recorded television programs, but also live TV. And 30-second skip and 7-second instant replay features make it even easier to move around your favorite TV shows.
Integrated Program Guide: Record every episode of your favorite show with the press of a button. Scroll through your local listing, flip channels, and set up recordings. Best of all: no subscription fees! (Note: SnapStream.Net TV listings only available for the United States)
Full Screen Interface: Record and then replay your favorite TV shows on the big screen. Personal Video Station's full screen interface ensures you can see your screen from across the room.
Remote Control Support: The remote control support and TV interface let you control the action from your sofa -- not just from your desktop. Includes fully-integrated support for ATI Remote Wonder, X10 PC Remote, and StreamZap.
Home Video Server: Record, watch and share your favorite shows from any room in the house. Watch recorded TV on any device in your home, across 802.11b wireless, Ethernet or HPNA. Make your whole home an entertainment center.


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