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Description Supertime 2000 is a software to set up class timetables on a PC. It receives placement parameters and availability of classes and resources (including teachers, labs etc.). With these, as basis it sets class and resource timetables. Where possible, it resolves availability clashes of class and resource. And counsels changes, to resolve clashes, where necessary. Supertime 2000 lets you: Set timetables for 999 resources and classes in one school. Create up to 9 such schools per institution and relate their timetables in terms of common resources (teachers...) and classes. Make any number of software installations for an institution. Set timetable up to: 9 days per timetabling week cycle; 12 periods per day. Provide class / resource availability of choice. Supports part time availability. Form logical Student groups (with individual group schedules) in a Grade. Incorporate Student records in a group. Provide placement of choice or their combination : optional, controlled, cluster, many to many and random. Analyze a class / resource timetable on-screen with respect to free periods, periods of a particular subject and periods of a particular class / resource. Zoom on-screen to and from the allocated period on a timetable and its placement indent. Cancel an allocated period; make a specific period available / not available. Review your inputs and results through reports. Make individual alterations after the timetable is set. Make day to day proxy (substitution) management for absentee teachers. Print or Display class / resource / consolidated school timetable. Migrate reports including the timetable to MS Word, Excel etc. Reference on-line help, recorded tutorial and comprehensive manual.

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