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Description You possess the most powerful instrument in the universe - Your Brain! The most advanced supercomputer pales by comparison. The human brain has a wondrous natural ability that technology can never hope to match - The Ability to Conceive Ideas. Every advancement of human endeavor began with the birth of a new idea, and every idea, whether great or small, spawned in the mind of one person at one time. But where do these new original ideas come from? How are new ideas created? Where can one go for a reliable source of inspiration to find the elusive way forward, the unique and innovative approach, the new twist that fits? Innovation * Invention * Creativity * New Ideas - You get them all with Think Tank. Prepare yourself to acquire a new unexpected mental power, a new fluency of ideas, and a greatly enhanced ability to find new ways of looking at everything you see, learn, and do. Think Tank is a new, unique, and effective tool that stimulates your mind to probe deep into your subconscious and discover new worlds ripe for exploration and discovery. Why is creativity so difficult? Why was Galileo Galilee almost burnt alive for proving that the planets orbited the Sun, and not the Earth? Why did scientists laugh at Louis Pasteur's discovery of germs, "Louis claims our bodies are full of little animals"? Why would people ridicule Henry Ford in the belief that, "The Automobile will NEVER replace the Horse. Why did it take 75,000 YEARS! - before someone finally thought of putting a handle on a tool? Why? - Because of the lamentable fact that most of us do not know "HOW" to think creatively. Why? - Because most of us were ever taught, or discovered on our own, exactly "HOW" to effectively utilize the truly awesome energy of our own imagination. Looking back over the centuries of human history, it is very difficult to understand and justify the painful slowness of human progress. We must assume humans were too preoccupied with their day-to-day living, that they were just as complacent as we are today. They must have been unwilling to change, unable to discover, hopelessly short of inventiveness, and completely oblivious to their latent creative thinking talents. Most scientists that study the human brain agree that we use a mere 10 percent of the brain's capacity. Can you imagine a business that would work to just 10 percent of its capacity? How would you feel if every dollar you earned would be worth only 10 cents? What would happen to our planet if the sun would work to only 10 percent of its power? It's time to wake up all those idle neurons; time to get them out of the unemployment line and into active, beneficial, and productive work. We are creating automated machines, in ever increasing number, capable of doing much of our work. The path to the future is well defined. As life style changes, we must change as well. The change we are experiencing now simply means this: the more creative we can be, the more successful we will be. To assure your success, you must train your mind to THINK creatively; to be capable of producing new ideas for any purpose whenever you need them. In the past many great thinkers have used bizarre methods to put themselves in a creative mood. Schiller kept rotten apples in his desk. Bossier worked in a cold room with his head wrapped in furs. Balzac wore a monk's garb. Goethe immersed his feet in ice water. Nostradamus sat in a dark room staring into the depths of a black bowl filled with still water. But today there is Think Tank, a new revolutionary tool that everyone can use effectively, regardless of age or level of education. Here is the ultimate resource that will hurl your mind ever closer to any goal you seek to achieve. Think Tank is easy to learn, easy to use, and will always, ALWAYS, produce results! If you are ready to unleash your natural potential to generate an endless abundance of fresh new ideas, new innovations, new solutions, new inventions...

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