Current Version 2.0
Author Cordian Corp
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Date Added Jan 24, 2011
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows 7
Description Keeping track of all those important aspects of your Family's Health has in the past been a cumbersome process, bits of paper here and there, files scattered about. Now you can keep track of, monitor and manage, all aspects of yours, and your family's health. Ready at any time for viewing, printing or that emergency we all hope will never arise, but if it does, you will have all the important history at hand. myMedirecs is run from the convenience of your local computer. Your 'emergency information' can be carried with you on a USB, either one of our styled Medical bracelets, or your own. Soon you will also be able to carry a copy on your mobile phone when we release our mobile version. There are no monthly internet service fees as with some other systems when using this PC version of myMedirecs. Key Information Categories : * personal physical information including blood type, contacts, BMI, etc. * insurance and Will * emergency contacts, * allergies, * illnesses, * surgeries, * appointments, * medications, * vaccinations, * tests, comprehensively recorded * blood pressure, * weight, BMI * glucose, * cholesterol, * family history, * graphic display and reports of the above * pharmaceutical information repository * and much more, all at your fingertips.

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