Current Version 1.4
Author Progam World Services
Downloads Count 15
License Type Free
Date Added Jun 14, 2010
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
File Size 3.013 MB
Description This is a Brand New Program right from the Developer. Unregistered never used.CPUtree Pro Ver. 1.3 is a 32 Bit ( WIN95-XP) software Application for Computer diagnostics. The program is written in Tree format to make systematic and quick diagnostic checks a breeze, Organized by region (Mainboard, Harddrive, CDROM, Video, Sound, Modem, Power Supply, Floppy, Memory, Network, CPU, Ports, USB, IEEE, etc.). Just click on the area of interest, then the problem and get instant repair solutions to all your problems, Covers all the major areas of computer repair. ALSO INCLUDES AN EXSTENSIVE SECTION ON HOW TO UPGRADE ANY INTERNAL DEVICE. (Memory, drives. option cards, CPU, MB, etc.). Great for Repair Shops and the Average Buyer as well. Buyers get free upgrades, Buyers may request the program be sent email via file attachment ( for 1 hour delivery ), (3 Meg File). In addition to a fast easy to use treelike structure, any section that requires such will refer you to a notes section for a more detailed description of what to look for and how to fix it (Scroll able text boxes), has many new Error beep codes . .Many of the other Options it has include a repair Database (for note taking during repairs), A record keeper (12 month), with charting Graphs to compare operating costs, predicted upgrade needs or anything else you might want to use it for. A maintenance Database for the dates of the Last Scandisk, Defrag, Pwr Sup. Maint, (fan cleaning, etc.), upgrade, Browser File delete, Temp File Delete, User Specify, etc.) . Plus Popup Scroll Text Boxes for : Notes (Extended or Complex Repair Info.), Info.on abbreviations used in the software. A year charting to function to chart any value for drive upgrades, system cost, deprecation, etc. Program also has pulldown menus with over 200 Error Beep codes for MB Post booting problems. Written by a Programmer that is a Computer tech as well, (lots of on the job tricks of the trade understood). This program gets rig

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