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NOTE: Get Free Version of this software on our website: Pocket PC Magazine Nominee Best Health & Fitness Software 2007 & 2008! Also given a 3 star (out of 4) review in Fitness Magazine. Recognition like this means only one thing - this software will help you reach your goals! At Mobile Fitness Software, we pride ourselves on high quality fitness software products. For more information on our company or other products, please visit our website: Build Your Own Body@Home includes all of the following features: Instructional Exercise Videos & Pre-Planned Workouts Our staff of Certified Personal Trainers have put together an extensive collection of instructional exercise videos & pre-planned video workouts for your PDA and Desktop PC. Every video is of a Certified Personal Trainer demonstrating proper form. Additional features include: Create your own pre-planned video workouts using our free desktop software, use them with your Pocket PC. Browse over 700 individual exercise videos using a full body chart on your Pocket PC Query By Example searching on your Desktop PC allows you to quickly and easily find the collection of exercise videos you are interested in. Track Your Strength Training, Running, Cardio & Aerobic Progress Use the fully integrated Strength Training & Runners Diary to track all of your strength training, cardio, running, swimming and biking workouts. A large collection of reports and graphs for your Pocket PC and Desktop PC allows you to track your progress over time.Use any one of a number of other tools, including a Pace Calculator and One Rep Max Calculator, to help you along the way. Measure Your Results Use our Fitness Testing support to regularly enter and track any one of the following fitness tests: Speed & Agility: Dash, Pro Agility, Dot Drill. Strength, Power & Endurance: Bench Press, Vertical Jump, Dips, Push Ups, Chin Ups, Sit Ups, 1 Rep Max Bench Press, 1 Rep Max Lat Pull, 1 Rep Max Leg Press, 1 Rep Max Arm Curl. Flexibility: Sit & Reach, Trunk Rotation. Every test includes step by step instructions on your PDA. Also included are reports, graphs and comparisons to established norms (population studies) to give you a very accurate measure of your progress. Free Desktop Application Query By Example searching: Use our advanced query by example screens to search our extensive database of techniques. Hit the query button and a report is displayed listing all of the techniques that match your query. Print, browse, save or e-mail the report - the choice is yours!! Search by any combination of the following fields: Technique Name Body Part Discipline Degree of Difficulty Equipment Reports: View and print a collection of reports covering your workout history and equipment usage. Pre-plan workouts: Plan your workouts ahead of time and hit the gym with a custom workout that you have created! Use our extensive database of techniques, or add your own techniques. Add your own Techniques: Enter your own techniques into the master database and use when pre-planning your workouts. Export Data: to popular third party applications.

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