Current Version 1.3
Author Foxit Software Company
License Type Shareware
Date Added Jun 14, 2010
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
File Size 1.783 MB
Description Windows Access Server (WAC Server) from Foxit Software provides efficient and full featured remote access to Windows NT/2000/XP machines from network workstations or terminals. WAC Server supports telnet clients, SSH (Secure Shell) clients, and serial port terminals. It supports ANSI-compliant, or DEC VT series terminals or terminal emulators. Free native telnet client and SSH client are also provided with this package. When you logon to the server machine using Windows user name and password, a command prompt box will be displayed on your terminal screen, you can use any Windows commands or text-based applications, both TTY type and full screen. Full color display and mouse operation are supported when you connect with capable clients. Multiple users can logon to WAC Server at the same time, and they can communicate with each other. This package also includes two collections of text-based Windows applications, User s Toolkit and Administrator s Toolkits. In these toolkits, you will find file explorer (with network support), text or binary editor, service manager, registry editor, system event viewer, email viewer and composer, and much more. WAC Server provides a far more efficient way to do remote control than any other graphic remote control tools. It also allows you to share the text-based application installed on your server. Instead of an empty command box provided by other terminal servers, WAC Server lets you do virtually anything you want to do with the server. Also, when you use SSH, you can be sure that your password as well as all sensitive data are secured. WAC Server's SSH service also provides support to SFTP server, two-way port forwarding, public-key authentication, and more.

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