Manufacturer’s Description

Advanced keylogger is an invisible and undetectable PC surveillance utility for monitoring all activities such as keystrokes, typed data, opened websites, messenger chats and other PC activities with visual shots. PC monitoring tool records all internet access and user activities in a hidden log file with periodically captured screen shots of PC activity. Keyboard logger secretly records activities in stealth mode and totally undetectable in startup menu, windows program files, add/remove list and in task manager. Keystrokes tracker tool takes very few PC resources and covertly runs in background so no user can detect that keylogger is running in PC. PC surveillance application is undetectable by any anti keylogger and bypasses all major antiviruses. Keystroke recorder tool records multiple user activities (typed login, passwords, emails/documents etc) with captured snapshots in regular intervals and covertly sends to a configured email address in an encrypted/hidden log file. Keyboard logger tool has password protection functionality to prevent unauthorized user to change program configuration settings. Features: * Keyboard logger software monitors and stores all PC activities of users/childrens/employees like site visiting, internet conversation, create data and other activities in hidden log file. * PC surveillance tool is undetectable, works in stealth mode and secretly sends all recorded activities with visual shots to specified email id. * Keystrokes monitoring application runs in background without slowing down PC performance and accurately captures keyboard activities. * Keylogger supports windows OS with interactive GUI and install/uninstall facility for all users.

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