Current Version v2.5
Author esobi Inc.
Price $40.00
License Type Trial
Date Added Jan 24, 2011
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows XP
Description As technology progresses, the flow of web information has accelerated personal demand for information; through Internet data collection and computer storage, anyone can accumulate a large database. The challenge of finding specific information in an unfiltered and disorganized Internet environment has proven to be a difficult task. This is where eSobi steps in. eSobi is a 3-in-1 Internet tool designed specifically for Web Information management. This software equipped with the powerful RSS Aggregator, Meta Search, and Document Clipping - it also comes with 11 global languages and simple usability. With 18 regional default channels to subscribe from, eSobi RSS Reader keeps users well-informed all the time. Along with Text-only mode, users are now able to read articles ad-free. eSobi Meta-Search searches through 3 major meta search engines, and it eliminates repetitive information and retrieves previously found subjects from Search History. In addition, Keyword Proposition organizes search results into sub-categories to assist users for enhanced visibility. eSobi Document Clipping comes handy for users to edit saved articles and export the edited work to share with friends and family. With eSobi, online search will now become far beyond conventional.

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