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Author Upper Bounds Interactive Inc.
Price $30.00
License Type Demo
Date Added Jun 14, 2010
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows XP
File Size 3.959 MB
Description Tactile 3D allows you to interact, manage, and explore your files in a virtual 3D environment. The interface gives you the ability to organize content in a 3D space by exploiting visual and audible cues. The Tactile 3D user interface identifies files, folders, and drives with various 3D models. These models represent real files on your hard disk, DVD, or memory card. With Tactile 3D you can copy, move, delete, rename, sort, hide, and arrange your files in a custom manner. For example, important document files can be positioned off to the side so you can easily retrieve them in the future. The objects give additional clues to their contents by emitting sounds, displaying thumbnails, and mapping familiar icons onto model surfaces. Organizing your data in this visual way alleviates the necessity to remember cryptic file and path names to get what you want. Structurally Tactile 3D is a tree and allows you to explore your entire filesystem. You are able to enter various spaces like hard drives, removable media, and directories. The scale of the the space you enter depends on the number of files and other objects that must fit inside. The overall impression this leaves is one of exploring a vast virtual landscape, with each directory being a new world. Additional features include a stack for common file operations; most file explorers simply erase previous copy or move selections, while Tactile 3D remembers them. Scrolling of objects is supported and is particularly useful for viewing image or photo collections. There is also a jump-key system that works like radio buttons in a car. Hit the jump-key and you are instantly transported to that location. To use Tactile 3D for organizing music on your CDs, simply grab and move your favourite mp3 or CDDA tracks to the side. The next time that CD is inserted, Tactile 3D will remember where you placed them. Just remember, all the objects in Tactile 3D are your real files and folders. This is no game.

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