Current Version 1.0
Author Future Algorithms
Price $75.00
License Type Shareware
Date Added Jun 14, 2010
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
File Size 1.63 MB
Description This is a very easy to use Windows program that lets you build karaoke VCDs that you can play on your VCD compatible CD or DVD player. KarVCD is a collection of tools that include all that you need to convert your MIDI or KAR files to WAVE, build AVI files from those and encode AVI files to MPEG. It includes also an MP3 converter that allows you to obtain compact sound files that you can mail to your friends, post on Usenet or put on a Web page. KarVCD includes the following tools: - MIDI Converter - To convert MIDI or KAR files to WAVE using its embedded SoundFont based softsynth. - Player - To play MIDI, KAR and WAVE files. It shows the lyrics in a KAR file, in synchronization with the music. - Recorder - To records sounds to a WAVE file. This can be used to record yourself singing while playing back another file. If this is a KAR file, it will show the lyrics in a window. This tool can also be used to convert a MIDI or KAR file to WAVE using an external synthesizer. - Audio Mixer - To mix two or more WAVE files together to a single WAVE file while applying sound effects. - AVI Maker - To combine audio and video information into an AVI file. - MP3 Converter - To convert WAVE files to MP3 and vice-versa. - MPEG Converter - To convert AVI files to MPEG.

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