InfiniTV 4 USB

by Ceton


C650 Series

by Samsung


KDL-55HX800 55-Inch LCD TV

by Sony


KDL-46NX800 46-Inch LCD TV

by Sony

  • Supports software other than Windows Media Center
  • Tuners are shareable with other Windows 7 PCs
  • Very easy to set up
  • Records up to four digital HD channels at once
  • Great Internet features, well presented
  • Low price
  • Very good audio and video
  • Cool remote with power button on back
  • Surround sound has a lot of depth
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Strong Internet features
  • Handsome, big-screen set
  • Generally good image quality
  • Costs more than competing products
  • No status LEDs
  • Tuner sharing can be tricky
  • Traditional LCD uses more energy than LED-backlit
  • Some strange artifacts seen with Blu-ray content
  • Colors are a little off and require tweaking
  • Menus take up the entire screen
  • Some features are difficult to find or set up
  • Supports very few multimedia formats
  • Pricey
At A Glance

No longer limited to PCs with PCI slots, the USB-powered InfiniTV 4 beats other CableCard adapters by providing four digital tuners.

The Samsung C650 series is a dream come true for budget minded buyers who seek solid image quality in a connected HDTV with advanced features.

Sony's HX800 Series is expensive, but the picture quality and surround sound are good enough that the price isn't outrageous.

The Sony NX800 Series delivers respectable audio/video quality and a ton of Internet features, but suffers from annoying design issues.


General Information

UPC Code 856940002013 036725233195 027242784819 027242784574

Ports and Connections

Available Interfaces   USB   USB
Audio Digital Optical   Digital Optical Audio (Output)   Digital Optical Audio (Output)
HDMI   Front/Side HDMI (Input)   Front/Side HDMI (Input)


Power Usage

Power off


  0.2 11.0 0.0
Power on


  8.5 78.0 7.7