Series 4 POGO-V4-A3-01

by Pogoplug


RT-AC68U AC1900 Wi-Fi Router

by Asus


EA6900 AC1900 Wi-Fi Router

by Linksys


WZR-1750DHP AC1750 Router

by Buffalo Technology

Price Best Price: $49.00
  • Can dock USM drives
  • Has USB 3.0
  • Fast performance overall
  • Dual USB ports (one USB 3.0/one USB 2.0)
  • Best-of-breed feature set
  • Good feature set
  • Dual USB ports (one USB 3.0/one USB 2.0)
  • Better-than-average parental controls
  • One of the least expensive 802.11ac routers on the market
  • Dual USB ports (one USB 3.0 port)
  • Good QoS features
  • Web portal lacks finesse
  • Expensive
  • Overkill for some
  • Expensive for the features and performance delivered
  • Decidedly average TCP throughput at most test locations
  • No VPN or iTunes servers
  • Generally unimpressive Wi-Fi performance
  • Weak range compared to its peers
  • Internal antennas
At A Glance

Equipped with USB 3.0, the latest Pogoplug provides a fast, easy way to share any hard drive over the Internet; but the Web portal for access needs some work.

The Asus RT-AC68U is the most advanced consumer router on the market, but it’s also one of the most expensive.

This router is easy to set up and it has great remote-access features, but its 802.11ac performance leaves a lot to be desired.

Buffalo’s WZR-1750DHP has a pretty good feature set, but it’s an also-ran in terms of range and throughput. On the flipside, it was the least expensive of the six routers we tested.



Part Number POGOV4A301