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Z230 Tower Workstation

by HP


Raptor Z95

by Velocity Micro

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Flex 20

by Lenovo

1260688 1160
Price Best Price: $2,533.00
  • Dirt cheap
  • A great tool for learning how to program
  • Supports 1080p video
  • Intelligent design
  • ECC memory
  • Very expandable
  • Ivy Bridge-E CPU, expertly overclocked
  • Great gaming performance
  • Solid build quality
  • Light weight for an all-in-one with a 19.5-inch display
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Sluggish performance overall
  • Default OS prone to crashing on this platform
  • A steep learning curve for neophytes
  • Only one PCI 3.0 x16 slot
  • Expensive
  • Flimsy, old-school enclosure
  • Poor fit and finish in some places
  • Low-resolution display
  • A lowly Core i3 is your only CPU choice
  • Not enough I/O ports
At A Glance

Budding programmers and video lovers with low budgets will find the Raspberry Pi delectable, but performance issues will scare away average users.

HP's experience with PCs is put to good use in the Z230. It's cleanly and logically designed, available in a large number of desktop and workstation configurations, and carries a three-year warranty. But it's not for those on a budget.

Aside from its dated and flimsy enclosure, this is a good computer for gamers who don't want to pay for the desktop equivalent of a Corvette.

The Lenovo Flex 20 makes a lot of compromises to achieve its light weight and low price. Most people would be better off saving a little more cash to buy a machine they won’t outgrow so quickly.



Processor type   Intel Xeon E3-1245 v3 Intel Core i7-4930K Intel Core i3-4010U
Processor speed   3400.0  MHz 4500.0  MHz 1700.0  MHz
Number of Cores   4.0 6.0 2.0


Graphics Type   Discrete SLI Integrated
Primary Graphics Chipset   Nvidia Quadro K2000 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Intel HD 4400
Graphics Memory   2.0  GB 2.0  GB  
Secondary Graphics Chipset     NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770  
Number of Graphic Cards included       1.0
Video Memory Type       DDR3


Drive 1 size   1000.0  GB 120.0  GB 500.0  GB
Drive 1 type   Hard Disk Drive Solid-State Drive Hard Disk Drive
Drive 2 size     120.0  GB  
Drive 2 type     Solid-State Drive  
Drive 3 size     2000.0  GB  
Drive 3 type     Hard Disk Drive  
Drive 3 speed     7200.0  RPM  
Raid type     RAID 0  
Drive 1 speed       5400.0  RPM

General Information

UPC Code   887758645482    

Ports and Connections

Available Interfaces   Audio - Microphone In (1/8|DVI (dual link)|DisplayPort|USB 2.0|USB 3.0 Audio - Center/Bass Out (1/8|Audio - Microphone In (1/8|Audio - Rear Surround Out (1/8|DVI (dual link)|DisplayPort|HDMI|USB 3.0|eSATA Line In 1/8|Line Out 1/8|USB 3.0|
Ethernet Type   10/100/1000 Mbps 10/100/1000 Mbps  
Wireless connection       802.11b|802.11g|802.11n|Bluetooth|


Memory size   16.0  MB 16.0  MB 4.0  MB
Memory type   DDR3 DDR3 DDR3
Memory speed   1600.0  MHz 1600.0  MHz 1600.0  MHz

Optical Drive

Included Drives   DVD Drive DVD Drive  

Included Software

Operating System   Microsoft Windows 7 Professional   Microsoft Windows 8 Home

Other Features

Devices   Keyboard|Mouse   Built-In Microphone|Built-In Webcam|Wireless Keyboard|Wireless Mouse|


Chassis style   Tower (Midsize) Tower (Midsize) All-in-One

Storage Media

SD card     Yes  


Display size       19.5  inches
Included monitor       All-in-One
Display type       IPS
Touchscreen       Multitouch
Resolution       1600 x 900  pixels


Width       20.5  inches
Depth       0.8  inches
Height       12.2  inches
Weight       7.7  pounds


Overall Rating

Worldbench Score

  242.0 362.0 78.0
Worldbench Version

  8.1 8.1 8.1

Start Up

Start Up

seconds (lower is better)

  30.1 33.7 11.7

Office Productivity


score (higher is better)

  3189.0 5477.0 804.0

Web Performance


score (higher is better)

  3441.0 2917.0 1707.0

Storage Performance

PCMark 7 Storage Test

seconds (lower is better)

  2564.0 5625.0 1488.0
File Compression

seconds (lower is better)

  50.1 32.3 205.4

Content Creation

Image Editing

seconds (lower is better)

  178.8 166.8 386.4
Image Editing - GPU Accelerated

seconds (lower is better)

  69.5 53.1 469.3
Video Encoding

seconds (lower is better)

  126.5 129.0 233.0
Encoding Audio

seconds (lower is better)

  194.5 224.5 429.1

Power Usage

Working power usage

Watt hours

  6.6 12.5 4.2
Idle power usage


  34.6 96.2 14.0


3DMark, Ice Storm

score (higher is better)

  73019.0 165892.0 29086.0
3DMark, Firestrike

score (higher is better)

  1656.0 7210.0 500.0
3DMark, Cloud Gate

score (higher is better)

  11109.0 27597.0 3385.0
3DMark, Firestrike Extreme

score (higher is better)

  794.0 3498.0 225.0
Dirt Showdown, Ultra Quality, 2560x1600

Frames per second (higher is better)

  13.9 48.0  
Dirt Showdown, Ultra Quality, 1920x1080

Frames per second (higher is better)

  17.3 70.7  
Dirt Showdown, Low Quality, 1024x768

Frames per second (higher is better)

  123.0 171.9 35.6
Crysis 3, Ultra Quality, 2560x1600

Frames per second (higher is better)

  4.2 15.9  
Crysis 3, Ultra Quality, 1920x1080

Frames per second (higher is better)

  8.0 32.9  
Crysis 3, Low Quality, 1024x768

Frames per second (higher is better)

  73.7 60.5 12.9
Bioshock Infinite, Ultra Quality, 2560x1600

Frames per second (higher is better)

  8.5 41.9  
Bioshock Infinite, Ultra Quality, 1920x1080

Frames per second (higher is better)

  15.7 78.3  
Bioshock Infinite, Low Quality, 1024x768

Frames per second (higher is better)

  103.1 170.6 22.7

Product Type




Battery Life