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Vizio L37HDTV

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Gallevia GV42LF

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  • Excellent sound
  • Low price
  • Pleasing image quality
  • Thoughtful, easy-to-use design
  • Great picture
  • Low price
  • Excellent color and image quality
  • Remote has too many small buttons
  • Poorly situated connectors
  • Speakers lack oomph
  • Difficult to set up and use
  • So-so speakers
At A Glance

A low price and appealing image quality make this model a standout.

Easy-to-use HDTV offers a pleasing design and satisfying image quality, without breaking the bank.

The least-expensive LCD TV in our review earned the best image-quality score of any LCD set.

The first ViewSonic TV we've tested, this model impressed our jury with natural skin tones and an appealing picture.



Broadcast Format Displayed 1080p   1080p 768p
Broadcast Format Supported 1080i|1080p|720p 1080i|720p 1080i|720p 1080i|720p
Display size 47.0  inches 37.0  inches 42.0  inches 37.0  inches
Brightness 500.0  lumens 500.0  lumens 500.0  lumens 500.0  lumens
Contrast ratio 6,500:1 600:1 1600 800:1
Viewable size 47.0  inches   42.0  inches 37.0  inches
Display type LCD LCD LCD LCD
Aspect ratio 16:9   16:9 16:9
Pitch 0.54  mm 0.51  mm 0.49  mm 0.6  mm
Horizontal viewing angle 178.0  âˆž 170.0  âˆž 178.0  âˆž 178.0  âˆž
Vertical viewing angle 178.0  âˆž 170.0  âˆž 178.0  âˆž 178.0  âˆž
Response time 5.0 8.0 8.0 8.0
Resolution 1080p  pixels   1080p  pixels 768p  pixels
Refresh rate 120.0  Hz      

General Information

UPC Code 857380001413 857380000690 857380000997 766907157710

Ports and Connections

S-Video-In S-Video (Input) S-Video (Input) S-Video (Input) S-Video (Input)|S-Video (Input) (x2)
Audio Input RCA Audio (Input x5) RCA Audio (Input x5) RCA Audio (Input x3) RCA Audio (Input x3)
Audio Output RCA Audio (Output) RCA Audio (Output) RCA Audio (Output) RCA Audio (Output)
HDMI HDMI (Input x4)|HDMI (Input) Input HDMI (Input) Input HDMI (Input x2)|HDMI (Input) Input HDMI (Input) Input
Audio Digital Optical Digital Optical Audio (Output) Digital Optical Audio (Output) Digital Optical Audio (Output)  
Component Video Component (Input x2) Component (Input x2) Component (Input x2) Component (Input x2)

Other Features

Components Speakers|Stand Remote Control|Speakers|Stand Speakers Remote Control|Speakers

Size and Weight

Wall-Mountable 1 1 1 1


Swivel 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0