Epic 4G

by Samsung



by LG Electronics


One (M8)

by HTC


Galaxy S5

by Samsung

  • Display is large but comfortable to hold and use
  • Impressive battery life
  • Unnecessary software mostly eliminated
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Stellar camera abilities
  • Lone speaker produces unimpressive sound
  • Don't use it as a boom box
  • Still too much bloatware
At A Glance

The standout of the Galaxy S phones, the Epic 4G offers some enticing features like a physical keyboard, front-facing camera and 4G network support.

The G3 is a fantastic piece of hardware chock full of features that should be standard for any flagship smartphone. It's one of the best phones to debut this year.

The One is HTC's second attempt at entering the ring and it's just as impressive as its predecessor: it's beautiful, battery efficient, fueled by all the latest hardware, and that UltraPixel camera still excels in areas that other camera phones have fallen short. And guys, we really, really like it.

It's got the latest specifications, a really stellar camera, and a bright screen and long-lasting battery life that's good for catching up on TV on the go. It has all of the bells and whistles a typical smartphone user would want, but some of the new features miss the mark, and the interface could still use some work.



Part Number SPHD700BKS      


Processor type Samsung      
Processor speed 1.0  MHz      


Display size 4.0  inches      

Exposure Controls

Flash Built-in Flash      

Image Processor

Megapixels 5.0      

Supported Video Formats

Video Calling Yes      

Included Software

Operating System Android 2.0      

Form Factor

Form Factor Slide