Moderate Embarrassment

by Crumpler


TLP606DMUSB Surge Supressor

by Tripp Lite


Free Stand

by Coalesse

freestand 01g

PowerCube Extended USB

by Allocacoc

PowerCube Extended USB
Price Best Price: $26.00
  • Clamps to the edge of your desk
  • Built-in USB charging ports
  • Two widely spaced outlets for wall warts
  • Sturdy—built to last
  • Folds to 5 inches flat
  • Lightweight—just 11 pounds
  • Space-efficient cube design
  • 5-foot extension cable
  • Two USB charging ports
  • Outlets face out, not up, limiting the locations you can mount it
  • Cord is only six feet long
  • Expensive
  • Should be just a bit wider to accommodate a mouse
  • No surge-suppression or power-conditioning features
  • No warning indicator for ground faults
At A Glance

Mount this surge suppressor to the edge of your desk and you'll never need to get on your hands and knees to plug or unplug a device.

The Free Stand is undeniably expensive, but this well-built mobile work surface helps you be comfortably productive in any casual environment.

Great design makes this multi-tap outlet super convenient, but it would be an even better alternative to a power strip if it delivered better protection from power surges.


General Information

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