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The Jenco International ZM-F503 Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope has a pair of 10x eyepieces, a trinocular port, a 0.75x to 3.5x zoom objective for 7.5x to 35x continuous magnification, selectable upper halogen and lower fluorescent illumination, coaxial focus, and a fixed stage with clips. The trinocular viewing head has a binocular head with fixed inclination to reduce eye and neck strain, and a trinocular port that accepts a camera adapter (sold separately). The zoom objective provides low magnification and a longer focal length for inspecting large-scale specimens, or specimens that require hands-on manipulation or repair, including rocks, minerals, watches, or circuit boards. It is parfocal to ensure that the image stays focused when the magnification is changed. A stereo zoom microscope is used for inspection and dissection of specimens when three-dimensional images are desired, and provides zoom, sometimes called pancratic, magnification that allows the user to zoom in on the specimen within a continuous magnification range.The microscope has upper (episcopic) illumination that reflects light off the specimen for enhanced visibility of opaque specimens and lower (diascopic) illumination that transmits light up through the specimen for enhanced visibility of translucent and transparent objects. The upper halogen light source provides bright light in a concentrated path. The lower fluorescent light source provides cool, white light for observing specimens as they would appear in their natural environment. Lighting can be configured for upper, lower, or simultaneous upper and lower illumination. Coaxial focus eases focusing for left- and right-handed viewers. The fixed stage has stage clips to secure the slide or specimen in place while viewing. SpecificationsHeadTrinocularMagnification range7.5x to 35xEyepieces10xZoom objective0.75x to 3.5x (4:1 zoom ratio)Focus typeCoaxialWorking distance90mmField of view, diameter26 to 5.7mmLight sourcesUpper halogen, lower fluorescentStage typeFixed with stage clipsPower115V Microscopes are instruments used to enhance the resolution of an object or image. Types include compound, stereo, or digital. Compound microscopes use a compound optical system with an objective lens and an eyepiece. Stereo microscopes show object depth in a three-dimensional image. Digital microscopes are used to display an image on a monitor, rather than looking through a lens. Microscopes can have monocular (one), binocular (two), or trinocular (three) eyepieces, with varying magnification abilities. Magnification ability refers to the size of an image. Resolution, also known as resolvant power, refers to the clarity of the image. The interaction between field of view (FOV), numerical aperture (NA), and working distance (WD) determines resolution. Microscopes can control magnification through a fixed focus, or through a range of adjustments. They can also utilize LED, fluorescent, and mirror light sources to help control viewing capabilities. Microscopes are widely used in education, lab research, biology, metallurgy, engineering, chemistry, manufacturing, and in the medical, forensic science, and veterinary industries. Jenco International, Inc. designs, assembles, and services microscopes, digital cameras, and accessories for education, inspection, research, and clinical and industrial applications. The company, founded in 2004, is headquartered in Milwaukie, OR. What's in the Box?Jenco International ZM-F503 Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope(2) 10x eyepieces

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