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GIGABYTE 7 series motherboards combine a host of new and exciting technologies with the latest Intel Z77 Express Chipset, creating a unique range of motherboard designs that harness the outstanding performance of the new 3rd generation Intel Core processors. With an exclusive 'Digital' VRM design, GIGABYTE 3D Power and GIGABYTE 3D BIOS (Dual UEFI), GIGABYTE 7 series motherboards ensure exceptional power delivery and absolute control, with additional features that ensure an unrivalled experience on your next PC build. Flexible graphics capabilities supported for either CrossFireX or SLI action, delivering the ultimate in graphics performance for gaming enthusiasts who demand the highest frame rates without compromising on resolution. Increase the performance of your PC with the all-new Unlocked Intel Core i7-3770K Processor. This 3rd generation Quad-Core processor delivers ultra-fast processing at 3.5GHz, with a max turbo frequency of 3.9GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology. With an awesome combination of smart features and overclocking, the Intel Core i7-3770K processor is the ultimate weapon when you demand stunning PC performance for gaming. The Intel Core i7-3770K processor comes with rich visuals plus an automatic burst of speed1 that translates into faster performance and greater efficiency when you’re creating a home movie, rendering an animated character, or editing photos.

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