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Characters: Bulldog: An exceptional British fighter plane, its performance can rarely be matched when defending the skies over Britain & Blitzer: Light, fast and tough, this aircraft is the top choice in leading the German charge to bring Britain to its knees. FLY INTO ACTION- Take to the skies with WWII fighter planes for immersive aerial co MBat. Strap in for fast-paced action and wing your way to victory over the Pacific, Britain or Europe. AMPLIFIED REALITY- When viewed through your iOS or Android smart device, the attached plane flies, fights and takes digital damage. CAMPAIGNS & MISSIONS- Each plane unlocks a different campaign based on historical battles. Play as either Axis or Allied forces. Missions include dog fights, bo MBing runs, landing and refueling, and escorting units. ACHIVEMENTS- Earn points to upgrade your fighter planes with different guns and bo MBs. MULTIPLAYER MODE- Battle up to 8 of your friends in Skirmish mode over local Wi-Fi. COMPATIBILITY- iOS and Android smart devices. PACKAGING CONTENTS- 2 full-color fighters, 2 fold-out stands and 1 suction-cup mounting arm.

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Parent Retsku B00BJ0I1HO
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