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The TSU 120 is modular, full-featured T1/FT1 multiplexer designed to support a wide range of end-user applications.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Temperature -4F (-20C) to 158F (70C) Storage
Description TSU 120 V.35 DSX-1 SA-FT1/T1 DSU/CSU (2ND GEN)
Encoding Method AMI/B8ZS
Serial V.35 Interface Yes
Modules 1 x
Frequency Band Network Interface: - Framing: D4(SF)/ESF, AT&T 54016 or ANSI T1.403 - DS0 Assignment: user selectable - T1 Transmit Timing: Network, Secondary NI, Normal (CSU), Internal, Base DSX-1 or Base DTEV.35 DTE Interface: - Clock Options: Normal/Inverted & Internal/ExternalDSX-1 Interface: - Line Interface: DSX-1 per ANSI T1.102 - DSX-1 Framing: D4(SF)/ESF - DSX-1 Line Code: AMI/B8ZS - DSX-1 Line Length: 0 to 655 ft in 133 ft stepsTesting and Troubleshooting: - Performance Monitoring: - Error Counts: ES, SES, UAS, % AS, % EFSEC, Alarms and Error Rates - Reports: NI information stored for last 24 hours (15-minute increments) - PRMS: ANSI performance report messages - Network & DSX-1 Interface Test Jacks: - Bantam Jacks: TX, RX and RXMONManagement Options and Interfaces: - Control In/Control Out Ports: - Interface: EIA-232, PC serial port, modem or SLIP connection to router - SLIP connection to router - MIB II, RFC1213, and 1407 compliant
Serial Port Yes
Management SNMP
Diagnostic Features Local: Payload, Line, and DTE Loopback Remote: - Payload, Line, and DTE Loopback - Fractional T1 Loopback: Per ANSI T1.403-1995, Annex B - CSU Loopback (from Carrier Network) Test Pattern Generator and Detector: - QRSS and 511 (selectable DS0s) - All 0s and All 1s (transmit only)
Parent Retsku B0000516A4
Data Encoding AMI/B8ZS
Brand Name Adtran
Electrical Interface CCITT V.35
Maximum Power Consumption 9 W
Network (RJ-45) Yes
Shipping Weight 7.65 lb
Number of Total Expansion Slots 1
Product Model TSU 120
Power Consumption 9 W
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