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Carbon Fiber Flycam is an extremely stable, lightweight and affordable handheld camera stabilizing system. It can be used with different types of cameras (DV/HDV, DSLRs and video cameras) weighing up to 10lbs. It gives user the freedom of creativity and movement. The Flycam CF5 provides exceptionally smooth and graceful shots whether you are walking, panning, tilting, or even running up and down the stairs. With few minutes of training same results can be obtained as given by a dolly or jib. This light weight stabilization system in comparison to other bulky systems helps support the weight of the camera by distributing it across the body.ADJUSTABLE COMFORT ARM-II * It is easy to operate and exceptionally light in weight and versatile.* Comfort Arm-II is a durable, light weight CNC machined. Its shock absorber spring is adjustable that enables to take high and low end shots.* The arm has a manually adjustable tension steel spring which maintains the position of the stabilizer depending on the combined weight of camcorder and stabilizer.* This single articulating arm provides a smooth and quiet operation.* Universal stabilizer mount is inserted and locked into the arm without the need of tools.COMFORT VEST-II*This Comfort Vest-II includes a contoured chest pad, torso-gripping 4-point buckle system, and height-adjustable chest plate.*The lightweight, cool vest hugs and supports the upper body, making it possible to handle camera for extended periods.*Fully front, back and shoulder padded comfort vest eliminates pain and reduces fatigue during extended periods of shooting.TRIPOD STAND:This is a collapsible tripod stand for easy transportation. The legs of tripod stand are folded and this entire stand can be kept in a little space. Tripod Stand is perfect for those who are looking for a high quality tripod and have space constraint.

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Parent Retsku B008GSNAV4
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