Manufacturer’s Description

1U/2U fixed mounting brackets for center mount on 2-post racks Compatible with Intel Server System: R1304GZ4GC, R1208GZ4GC, R1208GL4DS, R1208GZ4GCSAS, R2208GZ4GC, R2216GZ4GC, R2308GZ4GC, R2208GL4GS, R2308GL4GS, R2312GL4GS, R2224GZ4GCSAS, R2312GZ4GCSAS, R2224IP4LHPC, R2216IP4LHPC, R2312IP4LHPC, R2208LT2HKC4, R2304LH2HKC, R2208LH2HKC2, R1304SP2SFBN, R1304SP2SHBN, R1304SP2SHOC, R1304SP4SHOC, R1304BB4DC, R1208BB4DC, R2208BB4GC, R2216BB4GC, R2308BB4GC, R2216GZ4GCLX, R2208GZ4IS, R2208IP4LHPC, R2308IP4LHPC, R2224BB4GCSAS, R2312BB4GCSAS, R2312SC2SHGR, R1304EP2SFFN, R1304EP2SHFN, R1208EP2SHFN, R2224GZ4GC4, R2312GZ4GC4, R2312BB4GS9, R2208BB4GS9, R1304BB4GS9, R1208BB4GS9, R2000BB4GS9, R1304GL4DS9, R2308GL4DS9, R2208GL4DS9, R1208GZ4GS9, R1304GZ4GS9, R2208GZ4GS9, R2308GZ4GS9, R2312GZ4GS9, Workstation Boards: S4600LT2, S4600LH2. AXX2POSTBRCKT Intel Bracket for 2 Post Rack is a various computer accessories product made by Intel computer accessories.

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Additional Specifications
bath fixture type lighting
Wedding Decor Type Ceremony/Reception Decorations
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