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Microboards Double Layer White Inkjet Hub Printable (50GB) BD-R Quantity: 10 discs proudly offers Blu-ray media from Microboards, the most cost-effective Blu-ray Discs available! Trust Microboards Blu-ray media for recording and archiving your data, videos, and more. This white inkjet hub printable surface dual-layer BD-R records at 6x and is ideal for use with your Microboards , Epson or Primera inkjet Blu-ray publisher, as well as any other inkjet printer that supports disc printing. Microboards Blu-ray media is not supported by the Pioneer BD-R101 recorder. Microboards Blu-ray Media Part No. MEDB-21018 Type: BD-R Capacity: 50 GB (double-layer) Write Speed: Up to 6x Surface: White inkjet hub printable Packaging: 10 disc cakebox Printer Compatibility: Compatible with inkjet disc printers and publishers, like the Microboards publishers , the Epson Discproducer or the Primera Bravo

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