Manufacturer’s Description

Designed With Interchangeable Connector Pins - Connector Pins Fit All Phones Being Currently Sold By The Manufacturer - For All Motorola® Phones Cellular Innovations Acp-Mt Wall Charger For All Motorola® Phones #CELACPMT - Cell Phone Chargers

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Brand Name Mizco
Product Model ACP-MT
Quick Glance
Product Compatibility Motorola Cell Phones:Cingular L2Cingular L6Cingular RAZR V3Cingular RAZR V3iCingular SLVR L7Cingular V190Sprint C290Nextel i265Nextel i275Nextel i325Nextel i355Nextel i560Nextel i580Nextel i605Nextel i670Nextel i760Nextel i830, i833, i835, i836Nextel i850, i855Nextel i870, i875Nextel i930, i920T-Mobile PEBL U6T-Mobile RAZR V3T-Mobile V195T-Mobile V360Verizon A840Verizon QVerizon RAZR V3mVerizon V265, V266, V276Verizon V323, V325, V323i
Device Type Phone Charger

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