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Avaya H251N Digital and IP Headset Package The Avaya H251N Headset Package connects directly to your Avaya digital or IP phone and gives you one-touch headset operation. Package Includes - H251N SupraPlus Headset and HIC Quick Disconnect Cord or HIS Quick Disconnect Cord Package Price: Regular: $75.00 Features Improved receive-side audio quality - Provides a greater receive-side frequency response and improves listening intelligibility Comfortable lightweight design - Adjustable headband foam ear cushions and comfort T-Pad design create a stable comfortable fit. Bendable click-stop microphone boom - Stays in position for clearer voice transmission. Quick call feature - Headband twists out of the way for convenient quick call pick up. Noise-canceling microphone - Allows clear conversations in noisy-environments. Adds one-touch operation to these models: 1408 1416 1608 1608-I 1616 1616-I 2410 2420 302D 4406D+ 4412D+ 4424D+ 4424LD+ 4610SW 4620 4620SW 4621SW 4625SW 4630 4630SW 5410 5420 5610SW 5620SW 6416D+M 6424D+M 9404 9408 9504 9508 9608 9610 9611G 9620 9620L 9620C 9621G 9630 9630G 9640 9640G 9641G 9650 9650C

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