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From saving for retirement to reducing your credit card debt, managing your financial goals is a constant balancing act. You need to be fiscally responsible, but you don't want to resign yourself to a life of constant number crunching and budgeting. Managing your personal accounts doesn't have to be crippling. You can stay on top of your financial flow and then move on with the rest of your day when you leave the hard work to Quicken Deluxe 2013. Arming you with a vast set of tools for successfully tackling all of your personal finances, Quicken Deluxe makes it easy for you to stay organized and on budget. Get a clear picture of where your money's going by viewing your expenses by category, then take control of your spending by creating a customized budget with expert guidance from Quicken. Your financial goals can become attainable when you use the software to create specific debt reduction and savings plans. When your plans are in place, ensure you stay accountable, even when you're on the go, with text alerts and e-mail reminders that help you make smart decisions. When you Quicken your accounting tasks, you can get back to enjoying life, knowing your money is managed.

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