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Panasonic HHRP-4DPA / HHR-55AAABU / HHR60AAA/FT / HHR65AAAJ/FT / NiMH AAA (2-Pack), 2-Pack AAA Batteries, 1.2V, 750mAh, Nickel Metal Hydride battery cell, Replacement Battery For The Following Panasonic Phone Models KX-TG1031S KX-TG1032 KX-TG1032B KX-TG1032BP KX-TG1032S KX-TG1033 KX-TG1033S KX-TG1034 KX-TG1034B KX-TG1034S KX-TG1035 KX-TG1035S KX-TG1061M KX-TG1062M KX-TG4011N KX-TG4012N KX-TG4013N KX-TG4021N KX-TG4022N KX-TG4023N KX-TG4024N KX-TG4031B KX-TG4032B KX-TG4033B KX-TG4034B KX-TG4053B KX-TG4073N KX-TG4074N KX-TG4132M KX-TG4132N KX-TG4133M KX-TG4133N KX-TG4134M KX-TG4134N KX-TG4321B KX-TG4322B KX-TG4323B KX-TG4324B KX-TG6311S KX-TG6312S KX-TG6313 KX-TG6313S KX-TG6321 KX-TG6322 KX-TG6322S KX-TG6323 KX-TG6323PK KX-TG6323S KX-TG6324 KX-TG6324PK KX-TG6324S KX-TG6340PK KX-TG6374PK KX-TG6411M KX-TG6411T KX-TG6412M KX-TG6413T KX-TG6423T KX-TG6431M KX-TG6431T KX-TG6432M KX-TG6432T KX-TG6433M KX-TG6433T KX-TG6434T KX-TG6440PK KX-TG6441T KX-TG6442T KX-TG6443T KX-TG6444T KX-TG6445T KX-TG6473PK KX-TG6511B KX-TG6512B KX-TG6513B KX-TG6531B KX-TG6532B KX-TG6533B KX-TG6534B KX-TG6541B KX-TG6542B KX-TG6543B KX-TG6544B KX-TG6545B KX-TG6572C KX-TG6572R KX-TG6581B KX-TG6582T KX-TG6583T KX-TG6591T KX-TG6592T KX-TG6641B KX-TG6642B KX-TG6643B KX-TG6644B KX-TG6645B KX-TG7431B KX-TG7432B KX-TG7433B KX-TG7434B KX-TG7531B KX-TG7531N KX-TG7532B KX-TG7533B KX-TG7534B KX-TG7622B KX-TG7623B KX-TG7624B KX-TG7624SK KX-TG7641M KX-TG7642M KX-TG7643M KX-TG7644M KX-TG7645M KX-TG8231 KX-TG8231B KX-TG8232

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