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You made the choice it was time for an upgrade. You're kicking your outdated operating system to the curb and taking your PC to the brink of technology with the Windows 8 operating system. But one more upgrade needs to be made not to your computer, but to your own learning system. Re-imagine the way you interact with your PC and learn to harness the cutting-edge features of your new operating system with the expert guidance of Professor Teaches Windows 8. Professor Teaches Windows 8 makes learning relevant and simple with an interactive, hands-on approach. Set your own pace as you work through chapters and lessons guided by professional narration. Make the most out of Windows 8 by mastering its new and exciting features, such as the start screen, charms, apps and touch keyboard. Arrange live tiles and add RSS feeds, so you can quickly and easily access your favorite features. Navigate the Web with more confidence with training for Internet Explorer 10. Once you've gotten the rundown, lock in your newfound knowledge by taking quizzes that let you exercise your skills. With the help of Professor, you'll be well-schooled in the many features of Windows 8. Master the ins and outs of the Windows 8 operating system

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