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Awesome, 8 inch width gives you performance and functionality you've never seen before! This pad has been incubating for years now...We thought we went big launching our retro line of 4 inch wide Fat Wrist Pads, but then we got to tinkering and decided to blow those out of the water with something truly unique. Our Grifiti Extra Wide Wrist Pad x Mouse Pad is the result. It's a super wide forearm and wrist rest that works as a mouse pad, too! The Extra Wide Wrist Pad x Mouse Pad is double the width of our standard wrist rests for a good reason. We have a couple of unique user situations in mind. If you're one of those computer users who wants a wrist rest but puts their mouse, trackball, or trackpad in front of their keyboard this is for you because we've turned your wrist rest into a mouse pad. If you're one of those computer users who always wanted a wrist rest that's wide enough to work as a forearm support and wrist rest this is the real deal. That's two really exceptional user groups the world of ergonomic product development has ignored all too long... This is a nice big chunk of rubber. It's 8 inches wide, 17 inches long, and ? 3/4 of an inch thick. It's made with the same retro three layer neoprene and nylon construction we use in our Fat Wrist Pad line. We think the non-skid neoprene base layer, the squishy neoprene middle, and the washable, colorful, smooth nylon surface offers an optimal performance combination for wrist rests and mouse pads alike. But we figure once we've set if free, our creative customers will find it and the old light bulb with shine and a bunch of other uses with come into focus. Try one today and let us know what you think...and what unusual uses you come up with!

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Parent Retsku B00V95UO10
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