Manufacturer’s Description

The updated Cisco T1 data service unit/channel service unit WAN Interface Card is an integrated, fully managed DSU/CSU for T1 or fractional T1 service. The WIC-1DSU-T1-V2 is an updated version of the WIC-1DSU-T1, offering additional supported features with the same performance

The Specs

Category Routers
Class Network Hardware
Network Adapter
System Type Router families supported 1700, 2600XMs, 2691, 3631, 3725, 3745, and ICS 7750 Cisco 1701, 1710, 1711, and 1712 are fixed-configuration routers and do not support the WIC-1DSU-T1-V2. Also, the Cisco 1750 does not support this WIC
Additional Specifications
Frequency Band Benefits of an Integrated, Fully Managed Solution: Reduced Deployment, Management Time, and Costs: Flexibility and Investment ProtectionSingle-Vendor SupportEnhanced Reliability Consistency with WIC-1DSU-T1: Wet T1 CapableShort Cable Length CommandNetwork Equipment Building Standards (NEBS)Line code:AMIB8ZSAMI ones densityForced/bit robbing (N X56)High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) data inversion (N X64)Framing format:D4 (SF)ESFOutput level (LBO) [dB0?]:0 dB-7.5 dB-15 dBInput level:+1 dB0 to -24 dB0Diagnostics: Loopbacks: Network line loopback; user initiatedRecessed push button for network line loopback; toggle on/offNetwork line loopback; telco initiatedNetwork payload loopbackLocal date terminal equipment (DTE) loopbackRemote line and payload loopback (codes: V.54 loop up, and loop down) Self-test: Self-test activated by user Test patterns (BERT): 1:2, 1:5, 1:8, 3:24, QRW, All 0s, All 1s, user-programmable 24-bit patterns Network (T1) alarms: Loss of network signal (red alarm)Loss of network frame (blue alarm) (AIS) from networkReceive (yellow alarm) from network [UNCLEAR]Performance reports and error counters:Cyclic redundancy check (CRC)Bipolar violation (BPV)OOF [EXPAND?]Errored secondsBurst errored secondsSeverely errored secondsFt and Fs framing errors for SF framingFPS [EXPAND?] framing errors for ESF framing24-hour history stored in 15-minute incrementsSNMP Traps:Generated in response to alarms
Shipping Weight 1.16 lb
Management Full management features:Configuration - Capability for remote configuration via Telnet from Cisco IOS CLI.Monitoring - Router and DSU/CSU are manageable as a single SNMP entity; extensive DSU/CSU statistics are provided by the Cisco IOS CLI.Troubleshooting - Extensive loopbacks (including manual button for network line loopback), bit error rate tester (BERT) test patterns, alarm counters, and performance reports, all of which are accessible from Cisco IOS CLI. LEDs for carrier detect, loopback, and alarm functions.Convenient Telnet or Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol connection to the router eliminates the need for out-of-band management of external DSUs/CSUs
normalized-Weight 2.24
Temperature -4F (-20C) to 149F (65C) Storage
Humidity 5% to 95% Non-condensing Non-operating
Maximum Network Speed Supported 1.5 Mbps
Brand Name Cisco
Interfaces/Ports Details 1 x RJ-45 T1/FT1 WAN
Quick Glance
Product Type WAN Interface Card (WIC)
Network Architecture T1
Warranty Information 90
Weight 2.24 oz
Dimensions 0.8" Height x 3.1" Width x 4.8" Depth
More Info
Networking Standards
Network Status Indicators LEDs: CD (data carrier detect) LP (loopback) AL (alarm)
Interface Connection 1 x T1/FT1 WAN

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