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Now that you got your feet wet learning the new features in Microsoft Excel 2007 in the first video series, Total Training for Microsoft Excel 2007: Essentials, you're ready to dive into the advanced capabilities. While creating pivot tables and macros seems daunting, you'll be at ease learning some new techniques that will streamline your next data analysis project. Sit back and discover how to unleash the power of Excel with this in-depth video series.

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Additional Specifications
Brand Name Total Training
Frequency Band Project Files: IncludedFormat: DVD-ROM and OnlinePlatform: WindowsLicense Quantity: 5-24U LICS
Target Audience Intermediate to Advanced.
Course Curriculum Chapter 1: SUMMARIZING DATA (58 min)Advanced SubtotalsFormatting the Subtotal RowsAdding and Copying with SubtotalsConsolidating DataIntroducing the SUMIF CommandWorking with the SUMIF CommandUsing Array FormulasLooking at AutoSum TricksUtilizing Fill Handle TricksChapter 2: WORKING WITH PIVOT TABLES (52 min)Creating a Pivot TableRearranging Fields in a Pivot TableExplaining the Report Layout OptionsUsing the Report Filters FeatureUsing Top 10 & Date FiltersHandling Blank CellsDrilling Down in the Pivot TableSorting a Pivot TableFormatting a Pivot TableCreating Custom FormatsExplaining the Grouping OptionsAdding Formulas to a Pivot TableChanging a Calculation in a Pivot TableReplicating a Pivot TableCounting with a Pivot TableUsing Pivot ChartsChapter 3: CHARTING IN EXCEL (75 min)Charts RefresherMoving, Sizing & Copying ChartsFormatting ChartsFormatting a Serie
Training Method Self Training
Training Subject For Microsoft Excel 2007: Advanced
Course Duration 6 Hour
Training Type Course
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