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Get an introduction to Adobe InDesign CS4 with this essential training that introduces you to the basics tools, skills and techniques required to create professionally styled text, layouts and graphics that deliver a powerful impact. In this series, youll be guided through the techniques needed to work with text and graphics in your layouts. You will also learn how to apply artistic effects to text and placed artwork, without prior knowledge of other applications like Illustrator or Photoshop.

The Specs

Additional Information
Additional Specifications
Brand Name Total Training
Training Location Off-site
Number of Licenses 24
Frequency Band Course Duration: 6.5 Hrs, 2 DVD
Course Curriculum Chapter 1: EXPLORING THE INTERFACE:Start Screen, Application Bar & Workspace MenuPanels, Application Frame & Tab ViewUsing the Control PanelCustomizing Keyboard Shortcuts & MenusExploring WorkspacesChapter 2: CUSTOMIZING APPLICATION PREFERENCES:Setting General & Interface PreferencesSetting Type & Composition PreferencesCustomizing Units, Grids & GuidesDictionary, Spelling, Autocorrect & Story Editor Display PreferencesDisplay Performance & Appearance of Black PreferencesFile & Clipboard HandlingChapter 3: WORKING WITH DOCUMENTS:Setting Up a New Document & Saving a PresetWorking with TemplatesReplacing Missing Fonts & Updating LinksConverting Documents for Backwards CompatibilityChapter 4: NAVIGATING & VIEWING DOCUMENTS:Navigating Pages & LayersLinks, Edit Original & Rotate Spread ViewZooming, Display Performance & PanningChanging View Modes & Customizing a ProofChapt
Training Method Self Training
Distribution Medium DVD
Training Subject Total Training for
Training Type Course
Quick Glance
Media Format DVD

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