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Garfield, longtime winner of the Fun Fest competition, is threatened by the mysterious Ramone when his talents and humor dry up right in front of a live audience. As Garfield helplessly stands by, he sees his popularity, humor, and girlfriend Arlene slip away from his pudgy grasp. Garfield and his trusted sidekick Odie seek out the magical pond to recover the fabled funny water. All of his hopes rest in the magic of the funny water... or do they? Play as Garfield and Odie as you boldly venture through interesting landscapes and search for the magical pond. Friends and favorite characters from the comic strip and the movie will appears to help or hinder your quest as you explore, ride, fly, and perform your way through cities, forests, caves, and studios. Will you be able to help Garfield and Odie get to the funny water in time before Ramone wins the Fun Fest and Arlene s heart? run, jump, swat enemies, find Pooky, and eat plenty of food as Garfield on his quest to find the funny water. If Garfield doesn t eat enough food, he will fall asleep. Help Odie to retrieve an alarm clock before a deep slumber overtakes Garfield ride Odie - jump on Odie s back and quickly ride to the next spot in the journey while avoiding obstacles, collecting food, and finding Odie s lost doggie toys fly with Garfield and Odie on a hang glider - soar through the skies over and through the tree tops. If you don t maintain enough energy, you will come crashing down perform to the Rhythm - Garfield

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