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SynopsisYou've received your assignment, hustled into a helicopter and skillfully maneuvered into the murky abyss of a mysterious land with one deadly mission on your mind. You slip and sneak through dangerous territory. You spot an enemy in the distance and raise your rifle as you aim with precision. With a nearly silent pop, he drops lifelessly from view, as you press on, planting explosives to carve your way through secured fortresses, removing classified information and leaving only a trail of smoke in your wake. Welcome to a new kind of war. Tomorrow, the government will deny that your operation ever occurred. Your location will be obscured. Your alibi will be written. The war will be erased from history. But today, you bask in the glory of a perfect kill. Engage in covert wars, classified operations and explosive conflicts across the globe as you become a Black Ops soldier during the Cold War in this thrilling chapter of the Call of Duty franchise. Take on new challenges with the included First Strike content pack DLC, complete with four multiplayer maps and a chilling zombie experience that's sure to make your blood curdle. Fight to survive the zombie apocalypse one of the most thrilling experiences in gaming for the first time on your Mac. The improved World at War engine brings you enhanced graphics, streaming texture technology and advanced lighting effects that transport you to the Call of Duty universe. With solo gameplay as well as competitive and co-op

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Parent Retsku B008FVRP0O
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