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This nifty device holds virtually any digital or film camera up to the eyepiece of any telescope to capture images of the Moon, planets, bright deep-sky objects, or terrestrial subjects. An improvement over existing designs, SteadyPix locks the camera lens in position at just the right distance and orientation relative to the eyepiece to achieve precise focus and centering of the image for afocal photography. SteadyPix attaches directly to any standard 1.25 telescope eyepiece with one of two felt-lined eyepiece clamps provided (for standard or large-size 1.25 eyepieces). The camera threads on to a 1/4-20 pedestal via the threaded hole in the camera body. Eyepieces with long eye relief are recommended to minimize vignetting of images. Our Epic or Lanthanum series (standard, not Superwides) eyepieces are ideal. Fits 1.25 eyepieces only.

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Product Type Mount
Parent Product Type Digital Camera
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