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No longer available from Grid Connect; call for other comparable solutions. The WiFly Super Module, "SuRF (Super RF) board is designed to drop in to your design as a WiFi certified 802.11 b/g solution. The SuRF board has the flexibility to connect directly to a standard RS232 interface or through the TTL UART interface to embedded systems. The SuRF board boasts status LEDs and jumpers to enable rapid prototyping and integrating into existing systems. The SuRF board utilizes the WiFly GSX module, in a through hole package, adding power regulation and an RS232 chip. You can get up and running on the SuRF board with only four connections (PWR, TX, RX, GND)! If your device has an RS322 port with power, the SuRF board can be directly wired to the pins on your DB9 connector to create an instant serial to WiFi network link. The WiFLY GSX Super Module also has an analog sensor interface that provides direct connections to send temperature, acceleration, and other analog data without requiring additional hardware. The module is programmed and controlled with a simple ASCII command language. Once setup it can scan to find an access point, associate, authenticate, and connect over any WiFi network. For rapid prototyping we also have a WiFly Development Kit. It includes the WiFly Super Module, RS232 cable with male DB9 connector, null modem, and 9V battery clip. This helpful kit includes everything a developer needs to begin prototyping and designing with the SuRF board. (RN-134)

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