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Whether they're young or old, expert gamers or beginners, Wii players will express themselves with intuitive motion control using the Wii Remote: a flick of the wrist to swing a baseball bat or tennis racket, a backswing and follow-through to send a golf ball flying over a pristine fairway...With Mario Kart Wii now included with the Wii hardware, players will be able to enjoy fun go-kart racing with Mario and all his Mushroom Kingdom pals right out of the box. The Wii Remote™ Plus controller, Nunchuk™ controller and Wii Wheel included in the package match the hardware...The sleek Wii console, no larger than a stack of several DVD cases, includes a Nintendo Wii game console (black), Wii Remote Plus controller (black), Nunchuk controller (black), Mario Kart, white Wii Wheel, wired sensor bar, power cord, standard composite cable, console stand, console manual..Wii is all about the motion controlled freedom and flexibility, and the new Wii Remote Plus Controller, included in this bundle in a matching white color scheme, is the new standard controller for the Wii gaming system. Combining the original accelerometer enabled motion-sensing abilities of the original iconic Wii Remote controller with with the expanded capabilities that were once only accessible through the Wii MotionPlus accessory, the compact Wii Remote Plus controller offers players precision motion controls all in one unit..Bundles Includes:.. Nintendo Wii Console . Wii Remote Plus controller . Nunchuk controller . Mario Kart . Black Wii Wheel. Wired sensor bar. Power cord. Standard composite cable . Console stand . Console manual . M&M Kart Racing. GameShark Media Manager. Travel Bag. Pink Yoga Mat. Pink Steering Wheel. Pink Silicone Cases for Controllers. 8 in 1 Pink Sports Pack includes:.Wii Golf Club, Wii Tennis Racket, Wii Baseball Bat, Wii Steering Wheel, Wii Controller Grip, Wii Remote Protection cover, 2x Padlock Strap

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Parent Retsku B006WBMQ76
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