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#Clearer than window glass.#High scratch resistance.#Easy to apply - no liquid required.#It is removable, durable and reusable.Gloss finishMartin Fields uses a gloss finished LCD protective filter that enhances color reproduction and keeps images looking sharp. This is done by allowing more light to pass through, showing the screen vibrant and vivid colors. Other filters with anti glare features make use of diffused reflection to eliminate reflection. These sometimes reduces image clarity and affects color reproduction, which may result in a dull and blurry screen.Reduces fingerprints and smudgesMartin Fields screen protectors uses a special surface coating that reduces fingerprints and smudges on the screen surface that occurs through normal usage. Any fingerprints and smudges that appears can be easily wiped away.High light transmittance and UV reduction Martin Fields uses an extremely clear filter that allows high visible light transmission while blocking off most of the ultraviolet rays. This results in a clarity that is clearer than window glass.Quantity : 2 piece,Made in Japan

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