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Back by popular demand at a bargain basement price from the world's expert in FM Transmitters--F-S Electronics. F-S Electronics is an Indiana, USA-based company focused on manufacturing and carrying only the best of the best transmitters on the market! This 0.5 W Fail-Safe Dual Mode Stereo FM Transmitter (CZH-05B) broadcasts wirelessly in both High and Low Power Output Modes (0.5 Watt or 0.1 Watt). The CZH-05B is your answer for wireless music, audio, or voice throughout your house and your whole entire property to any FM Radio in its path--including boomboxes, FM headsets, handheld radios, car stereos, etc.! With reported broadcast ranges of up to 3 miles, this transmitter is by far the most versatile transmitter in its category! So how do the C. Crane and TAW Global's Whole House FM TransmitterĀ® 2.0 compare? There is no comparison, the benefits of the CZH-05B are endless, but among the key benefits are its durability, design, sound quality, and or course versatility. Whether you are simply trying to broadcast just a cover a small area such as your house in L mode, want to extend to over 100 yards away range by setting it to H mode, or want to significantly boost the range by employing one of F-S Electronics Antenna Upgrades, this transmitter is our most cost effective and versatile solution! The low net project cost and simple plug n playability makes it easy for the CZH-05B to be the top selling FM Transmitter in the Low Power Category! Popular Uses: #1) Broadcast from any audio device to any FM Receiver--from MP3/iPod/Cell Phone, Satellite Audio or Music, Computer Audio, Blu-Ray #2) Church Transmitter for Translation or Hearing Impaired, #3) Christmas Light Displays--Animated Lighting, Light-o-Rama, WOW Lights, D-Light, #4) Announcement Transmitter--American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, Fairs and Car Shows, Athletic Events, #5) Business Transmitter--Fitness Center Transmitter, Drive-In Movie Transmitter

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Parent Retsku B00APST86E
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