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Digital 7.1 surround sound card for Internet, DVD, MP3 and gaming. Conforms to PCI specification, revision 2.2 and PC99 specification;S/PDIF transmitter supports 44.1/48/96KHz sampling rate and 16-/24-bit resolution;Supports multi-channel output to 2, 4, 6 (5.1) or 8 (7.1) speaker systems;Provides Xear 3D 7.1 Virtual Speaker Shifter technology;HRTF-based 3D positional audio enhancement, supports DirectSound 3D, EAX v1.0 v2.0, and A3D v1.0;Unique karaoke functionality mic echo, key shifting, vocal cancellation;Supports most industrial standards of PC 3D sound for gaming;Supports 24-bit/96KHz audio quality;RoHS compliant;Frequency response - 20Hz to 20KHz;THD - 0.018%;THD+N - -70dB;S/N Ratio - -92dB;Pentium II 366 MHz (PIII 800 MHz recommended) or equivalent computer with an available PCI slot;Windows 2000 (32-/64-bit) / XP (32-/64-bit) / Server 2003 (32-/64-bit) / Vista (32-/64-bit);Minimum 128 MB system memory or more (256 MB or greater recommended);CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.

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