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Sony provides superior performance for all its products and this floppy drive is not an exception. It features the same reliable and durable mechanism that allows you to use it for many years without problems. Compatibility : Sony VAIO PCG-505, PCG-C1MGP, PCG-C1MHP, PCG-C1VE, PCG-C1VFK, PCG-C1XA, PCG-FR102, PCG-FR105, PCG-FR215E, PCG-FR215H, PCG-FR215M, PCG-FR215S, PCG-FR295MP, PCG-GR114EK, PCG-GR114MK, PCG-GR114SK, PCG-GR214CP, PCG-GR214EK, PCG-GR214EP, PCG-GR214MK, PCG-GR214MP, PCG-GR215MK, PCG-GR215MP, PCG-GR215SK, PCG-GR215SP, PCG-GR314MP, PCG-GR315MP, PCG-GR414SK, PCG-GR414SP, PCG-GRS515M, PCG-GRS515SP, PCG-GRS614MK, PCG-GRS614MP, PCG-GRS615SK, PCG-GRS615SP, PCG-GRT290ZP26, PCG-GRT290ZP27, PCG-GRT715E, PCG-GRT715M, PCG-GRT716S, PCG-GRT795MP, PCG-GRT796HP, PCG-GRT796SP, PCG-GRV516G, PCG-GRV616G, PCG-GRV616S, PCG-GRX315MK, PCG-GRX315MP, PCG-GRX316G, PCG-GRX316MK, PCG-GRX316MP, PCG-GRX316SK, PCG-GRX316SP, PCG-GRX415MK, PCG-GRX416G, PCG-GRX416SK, PCG-GRX416SP, PCG-GRX516MD, PCG-GRX516SP, PCG-GRX616MK, PCG-GRX616MP, PCG-GRX616SP, PCG-GRZ515G, PCG-GRZ615G, PCG-GRZ615M, PCG-K115S, PCG-K115Z, PCG-K45, PCG-NV105, PCG-NV109M, PCG-NV205, PCG-NV209, PCG-NV309, PCG-R600HEK, PCG-R600HEP, PCG-R600HEPD, PCG-R600HFK, PCG-R600HFP, PCG-R600HFPD, PCG-R600HMK, PCG-R600HMKD, PCG-R600HMP, PCG-R600HMPD, PCG-R600MEP, PCG-R600MF, PCG-R600MX, PCG-SR11K, PCG-SR1K, PCG-SR21K, PCG-SR31K, PCG-SR7K, PCG-SR9K, PCG-SRX41P, PCG-SRX51P, PCG-SRX51P/A, PCG-SRX51P/B, PCG-V505AK, PCG-V505AP, PCG-V505BP, PCG-V505DP, PCG-VX71P, PCG-X18, PCG-Z1M, PCG-Z1MP, PCG-Z1SP, PCG-Z1XMP, PCG-Z1XSP, VGN-A217M, VGN-A217S, VGN-A297XP, VGN-A317S, VGN-A397XP, VGN-A517B, VGN-A517M, VGN-A517S, VGN-B100, VGN-BX194VP, VGN-BX195EP, VGN-BX195VP, VGN-FS115B, VGN-FS115M, VGN-FS115S, VGN-FS115Z, VGN-FS195VP, VGN-FS195VPF, VGN-FS195XP, VGN-FS315B, VGN-FS315E, VGN-FS315H, VGN-FS315M, VGN-FS315S, VGN-FS315Z, VGN-FS395VP, VGN-FS500, VGN-FS500P, VGN-S270, VGN-S2HP, VGN-S360, VGN-S360P, VGN-S3HP, VGN-S3VP, VGN-S3XP, VGN-S5HP/B, VGN-S5M/S, VGN-S5XP/B, VGN-T140P/L, VGN-T2XP/L, VGN-T2XP/S, VGN-TX1HP/W, VGN-TX1HP/WF, VGN-TX1XP/B, VGN-TX1XP/BF, VGN-TX1XP/L, VGN-TX2HP/W Sony VAIO C1 PictureBook PCG-C1MHP Brand : Sony Sony Part Number : PCGA-UFD5 UPC : 00027242573109, 04901780637447

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