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No matter which operating environment you're working in, the ADDS 3153 will be right at homeBy providing a comprehensive emulation set, including IBM 3151, advanced features for enhanced user productivity, and unsurpassed reliability to save you money, the ADDS 3153 is the only terminal you should own. ADDS formerly manufactured this terminal for IBMAdvanced Features:The ADDS 3153 provides advanced data access, data manipulation and display features not found in ordinary terminals. Dual-host functionality allows users to simultaneously access applications from multiple hosts. Cut-and-paste capability saves time by allowing users to copy and paste data from application to application and from host to host without lengthy keystroke sequences or retyping. By offering a broad range of screen formats and keyboard programmability, the ADDS 3153 provides the flexibility to meet each user's specific requirementsSave Money Today and Tomorrow:The ADDS 3153 is designed to deliver the lowest cost of ownership in its class:EPA ENERGY STAR® compliant power-management feature conserves powerHigh reliability virtually eliminates downtimeExtended warranties reduce maintenance and support costsUser-friendly features increase operator efficiency and productivity

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Brand Name Boundless
Frequency Band Display Features: 24, 25, 28, 42, 43 or 50 lines with top and/or bottom status lines 80 or 132 columns 10 pages of memory Two sessions of display, full or split-screen viewing Variable-speed smooth scroll Double-wide, double-high, and double-high/wide characters Selectable screen saver Programmable tab stops Dual-host Support: Simultaneous connection and operation with two hosts Flexible display formats: 26, 44 or 52 display lines Horizontal split-screen or full-page viewing "Hot key" to alternate between hosts Printer port support for both hosts Additional Features: Cut-and-paste capability IBM® PC character set includes standard ASCII, line drawing, national symbols and special graphics symbols Desk accessories: calculator, calendar, clock and ASCII chart WordPerfect® graphics/print preview 6 setup languages Programmable banner Setup lockout 19 seven-bit national replacement character sets 18 multinational code
Product Model 3153
Product Line ADDS
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