Manufacturer’s Description

Cisco 1600 series routers connect small offices with Ethernet LANs to the Internet and to company intranets using several wide-area-network (WAN) technologies: Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN), asynchronous serial, and synchronous serial such as Frame Relay, leased lines, Switched 56, Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS), and X.25.

The Specs

Category Routers
Class Network Hardware
Height 2.19 in
Width 11.15 in
Depth 8.67 in
Additional Specifications
Connectivity Media Cable
Manufacturer Sku CISCO1601-R
Management Port Yes
Management/Protocols Supported IP|IPX|AppleTalk|PPP|HDLC|LAPB|Frame Relay|Telnet|SNMP
Fiber - FC (Not Applicable)
Fiber - FDDI MIC (Media Interface Connector) (Not Applicable)
Number of Network (RJ-45) Ports 1
Product Model 1601-R
RJ-11 4-pin Modular Plug (Phone/Telco) (Not Specified)
Fiber - Biconic (Not Applicable)
Min Voltage (Not Specified)
RJ-45 Twisted-Pair (Xbase-T) 1
UPC 746320216270
Base Warranty 1 Year (12 Months)
AUI/DIX-DB-15 Thick-Coaxial (Xbase-5) (Not Applicable)
Fiber - ST (Straight Tip) (Not Applicable)
Labor Warranty (Not Applicable)
Technical Support Phone Number 800
Humidity 5% to 95% Non-condensing Relative Humidity Storage
Network Status Indicators (Not Specified)
BNC Thin-Coaxial (Xbase-2) (Not Applicable)
Product Family Cisco 1600
RJ-45 Station (UTP Cabled) Modular Plug (Not Specified)
Serial Port Yes
ISDN - U Interface (Not Applicable)
Fiber - VF-45 (Not Specified)
Technical Support URL
Fibre Channel - DB-9 FC-AL Standard 9-pin D-shell (Not Applicable)
Brand Name Cisco
Case Pack Quantity 1
Fiber - SC (Subscriber Connector) (Not Applicable)
Frequency Band The 1600 series Run-from-RAM models offer the following benefits: Greater Performance: The Cisco 1600 R models deliver greater performance for memory-intensive applications such as encryption and compression.Easier Upgradability: The Cisco 1600 R routers permit software upgrades over any interface while the router is running.Lower Cost: Because the Cisco 1600 R models store the software in compressed form in flash memory, less flash memory is required to run advanced feature sets (such as Cisco 1600 series IOS IP Plus).
Ethernet AUI Yes
Speeds Supported 10 Mbps
normalized-Weight 28.8
Total Number of Ports 3
Type of Router Bridge Router
Manufacturer Retail Type (Not Specified)
ISDN - S/T Interface (Not Specified)
DB-9 Station (STP Cabled) 9-pin D-shell (Not Specified)
Language Localization (Not Specified)
Geographic Localization (Not Specified)
Manufacturer Description Cisco 1601 R Router
Parts Warranty (Not Applicable)
Product Series 1600
Number of Total Expansion Slots 1
Description Cisco 1600 1601 R 10BaseT (1)RJ-45 Router
Product Line Series Model 1601 R
Fiber - SMA (Not Applicable)
Fibre Channel - HSSDC (High-Speed Serial Data) (Not Applicable)
Temperature -4F (-20C) to 149F (65C) Storage
IBM Data Connector (Not Applicable)
Max Voltage (Not Specified)
Power Consumption 27 W Maximum Operating
normalized-Height 55.626
Vendor CIS
Network OS Support (Not Specified)
Quick Glance
Number of Network Ports 3
Network Architecture Supported Yes Ethernet (10 Mbps)|)
Warranty Information 1 Year Limited
Weight 1.80 lbs
Dimensions 2.19" Height x 11.15" Width x 8.67" Depth
More Info
Installed Main Memory 8 MB
Installed Flash Memory 4 MB
Interfaces 1 x RJ-45 10Base-T LAN|1 x DB-15 10Base-5 AUI LAN|1 x DB-60 Serial WAN|1 x RJ-45 Console Management

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